Turn Slack into your Devops Command Center

Streamline your AWS Devops Monitoring and Operations with our NLP Powered Chatbot.

Add to Slack

Improve Response Time

Bring your monitoring and operations workflow into Slack, making it easier to collaborate on problems and share knowledge with your team. By integrating different third-party tools and AWS services we allow you to streamline a lot of steps in your usual debug/fix procedures. No more going back and forth to check multiple dashboards, just query your tooling directly from Slack.

Get Intelligent Alarms

Integrate to your monitoring so that when an alarm is triggered Opsidian can notify a Slack channel of your choice and attach plots of relevant metrics. Alarms can be annotated with links to existing wikis and how-to pages so the right information is available to everyone when there is a problem. Sharing knowledge and collaborating on solving problems is seamless and easy.

Streamline Routine Tasks

Perform common operation tasks directly from Slack. Using natural language or CLI commands you get your system information right into the conversation so the whole team is sync. Want to know if your ECS tasks are up and running? What are the IP addresses of your EC2 instances? Just ask.

Use Natural Language

Opsidian is powered by advanced natural language processing making it easier for non-expert users to query the system and participate in problem solving. A good dev is not necessarily an expert sysop. Do you want to know what database instances you are running, simply ask.

What is Opsidian?

Opsidian is a chatbot for Slack designed to make the life of ops teams easier. With the bot you can query a wide range of AWS services both using CLI like commands and natural language. The bot integrates to your monitoring, ticketing and escaltion tools to streamline routine tasks such as checking metrics related to alarms, creating support tickets, etc. all without leaving Slack.

Getting started is easy, just click Add to Slack and it will guide you through a quick configuration process and you are good to go.


Opsidian is free while in beta. Once the final version is released, different payment plans will be introduced, including a free trial.

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