Run your AWS Monitoring and Opeartions from Slack

Receive alarm notifications and query your AWS infrastructure directly from Slack. Improve response time by collaborating and sharing knowledge with your team mates.

Connect to multiple AWS accounts

Connect to your AWS accounts using access keys or cross-account roles. Switch between accounts by adding a parameter to your queries. Opsidian is safe, we just need read only access!

Decide who is allowed to use Opsidian

Select which Slack users can run commands and which users can administer Opsidian.

Use multiple regions

Select the default AWS region for each account. Switch between regions by adding a parameter to your queries.

Query AWS with commands or with natural language

The following services are supported: API Gateway, Auto Scaling, CloudWatch, DynamoDB, EBS, EC2, ECS, ElastiCache, ELB, EMR, Kinesis, Lambda, RDS, S3, SQS.

Get alarm notifications in Slack

Subscribe Slack channels to SNS topics connected to CloudWatch alarms. When a notification is received, Opsidian displays information about the alarm along with a plot of relevant metrics.

Share knowledge with your team

Annotate alarms with solutions. Next time an alarm notifications shows up - your team mates will see your note and they will immediately know what to do in order to fix the problem.

Customize your alarms

You can turn off selected alarms or snooze them for a couple of hours. You decide which alarms should automatically display plots of associated metrics.

Streamline routine tasks

Perform common operation tasks directly from Slack. Run ready-made scripts that automate frequent activites.


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